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MoonCountrer - Fast & Powerful Website Visitor Counter

Category: Programming

Tags: blog , myproject , English

Moon Counter

A fast, simple & easy-to-use webpage visitor counter, but not only limited to websites.

🔒 CORS support

With a visual admin panel

text & image output

Rule34 Theme Preview:


Moebooru Preview


This Page Views

Project repo

HelloLingC/moon-counter: A fast, simple & powerful website visitor counter written with Golang (github.com)

Admin panel

Preview at https://counter.moonlab.top/admin. The password is 123456.

Public Counter

You can use my MoonCounter instance as you want. But I don’t have responsibility for its stablility. In fact, no one does. But as long as this website continues, the counter service is always public.
But i still recommand you self-host your owned service.

Ofc, the use of my service is prohibited for illegal websites.

Image Counter

Replace the UniqueID parameter with the webpage’s url. At least it must be unique to identify your page.


<img src="//counter.moonlab.top/counter/img?id=UniqueID"></img>

If you don’t wanna handle UniqueID by yourself, you can use this.

<script src="//counter.moonlab.top/moon-counter/js/img"></script>
<img id="moon-counter-img"></img>

It will automatically handle the id param. You can just directly put it on your webpage to count.

Text Counter

And this will only output plain count text. You also don’t need to handle the uniqueid parameter by yourself.

<script src="//counter.moonlab.top/moon-counter/js"></script>
<span id="moon-counter"></span>

Self Host

Download the release file. Replace the following verison v0.0.1 with the latest version. You can get it from Github Release

wget https://github.com/HelloLingC/moon-counter/releases/download/v0.0.1/moon-counter-v0.0.1-linux-amd64.tar.gz


tar -xf moon-counter-v0.0.1-linux-amd64.tar.gz

Configure >> Configuration Details

vi config.yaml

Configure daemon process. This is a service template for systemd

Description=Moon Counter service
After=network.target network.service


Configure reverse proxy. This is a template for nginx

server {
    listen 80;
    server_name counter.moonlab.top
    location {
        proxy_pass_request_headers on;


You can use -c to specify the path of config file, eg: moon-counter -c custom.yml
By default, the configuration file is named as config.yaml, which is located in the root directory of the program’s binary file.

host: counter.moonlab.top
listen: 3800
img_theme: rule34
cors: true
  - moonlab.top

error_log: error.log

  type: sqlite
  dbname: moon.db
  enable: false
  path: /admin

host - The counter server’s domain. If you don’t have a domain for your server, replace this with your external IP and server listening port. eg:
listen - The server listening port. It’s always better to use with reverse proxy.
img_theme - The theme name for image mode. You can add your own theme under the assets folder. And modify this variable with your theme folder name.
cors - CORS mode for security. Once enabled, others cannot use your counter server to tally views for their websites without your permission. And thus, hostnames is required. For more details about CORS, see Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) - HTTP | MDN (mozilla.org).
hostnames - Only when cors is enabled. A array of allowed hostnames.
error_log - currently not available

type - currently only support sqlite
dbname - For SQLite, dbname is the filename.

enable - Enable admin panel or not. If admin panel is not enabled, the admin panel will disguise as 404 error page.
path - The path to the admin panel. You must set a random string for it, instead of /admin.
passphrase - You should use a generator to generate a random string, either passphrase or password. For passphrase generating, try Use a Passphrase.


Only Do One Thing For the Best

Moon Couner is only for pageview counting.
Your website will create a history and precious memories for you, and for this, A pageview counter is the best way to store it forever.

If you’re looking for website analytics service, I recommand you GoatCounter – open source web analytics


The resources (images) used in MoonCounter are not owned by me. All the resources belong to their respective owners. I do NOT claim any ownership. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

WARNING: NSFW Content. The following external links may contain NSFW content.

Rule34 - Rule 34, if it exist there is porn of it.
Moebooru = moebooru/app at master · moebooru/moebooru (github.com)